Cologne rally: As many as 10,000 Muslims to protest Islamic extremism

Muslims organize march against terrorism:
900 German mosques denounce march

I saw this article making the rounds on social media, people using it to rant about how ‘the racists’ and the media never acknowledge the ‘numerous’ marches of ‘tens of thousands’ of Muslims against radicalism. This was spread before the march, and is now being practically ignored.

A previous ‘march against ISIS’ that went viral last year was debunked as a yearly pilgrimage that has nothing to do with ISIS.

The organizers had noble intentions as they planned it during Ramadan to emphasize peace and solidarity as they felt terrorists use their holy month to do the opposite.

Unfortunately the big march turned sour as police estimated a maximum of 300 people participated, and on the videos and pictures it’s clear that this includes a lot of non-Muslims and journalists.

On of the obvious causes of low attendance is that one of the largest Islamic organizations in Germany actually denounced and rejected the march.

Ditib, the opposing organization, is part of the Turkish state arm that oversees thousands of mosques in Europe as well as monitors and controls Turkish Muslims in Europe.

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