TERROR ATTACK ON MUSLIMS: Six dead as gunmen ‘shout Allahu Akbar’ in Sunday prayer attack


TWO men have been arrested after six people were killed and eight wounded after gunmen opened fire on a mosque in Quebec in a horrific incident described by Canada’s prime minister as a „terrorist attack on Muslims“.

Emergency services were quick to attend the scene in Quebec, CanadaREUTERS

Emergency services were quick to attend the scene in Quebec, Canada

He added he was unsure of the number of victims because they’ve have been taken to different hospitals in the city.

Police have set up a perimeter around the mosque and a number of ambulances are outside the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood as paramedics try to help the wounded.

A witness claimed there were about 40 people inside the mosque at the time of the shooting.

Maged El Makssoud lost friends in the gun attack, he said: “We are shocked, I hope that it is an isolated attack. It is a shame for the town, for the country, for the citizens and not just the Muslims because we love our town. We share the same values and we have a good life here.”



Police have closed roads around the city and claim they have arrested two suspects.

They do not believe anyone else was involved in the attack.

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