Does the EU want to see Trump in PRISON? Brussels chief’s White House threat

The President is at the centre of a political storm after he signed an executive order restricting entry into the US for nationals from seven Muslim-majority country for 90 days.

Many world leaders have criticised the White House, with many branding the move “unconstitutional”.

Federica Mogherini has issued her own statement condemning Mr Trump, with the 43-year-old Italian pledging continued EU support for Syrian refugees.

She said: “This is not the European Way. The will continue to take care and host Syrian refugees and others who are fleeing from war.”

Donald Trump and Federica MogheriniGETTY•EU

The EU’s chief foreign affairs spokesman has criticised Donald Trump

She described the decision to aid Syrians and help construct schools at refugee camps in Lebanon as an “investment” in both their lives and the EU’s own security.

“Every single day a Syrian child is out of school exposes them to a future which is not a future of commitment and engagement,” Ms Mogherini.

In a clear message to President Trump, who has made little secret of his disdain for the EU, Ms Mogherini warned against those who wish to build walls rather than bridges.

She said: “In Europe we have a history that has told that every time one invests in divisions and walls you might end up being in a prison if you build all walls around you.

“We have a history and a tradition that we celebrate when walls are brought down and bridges are built.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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