Arch-eurocrat Martin Schulz compares right-wing parties to Nazis

EUROCRAT Martin Schulz has compared the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and anti-EU party Front National to the Nazis.

The leader of the Social Democrats, who is hoping to replace Angela Merkel as German Chancellor, made the comparisons while speaking from his headquarters.

Both the AfD and Front National, which is led by Marine Le Pen, have experienced a rise in support as both key EU member states prepare for general elections later this year.

Hitting out at the right-wing parties, Mr Schulz said: „We will never give up our values, our freedom and democracy, our rule of law, and our plurality, no matter what challenge we are facing.

“I am saying this deliberately. Because that a US President wants to build walls, thinks out loud about torture, and attacks women, religious communities, minorities, people with special needs, artists and intellectuals with outrageous and dangerous statements, that is wholly unacceptable.

„The Front National means ‚National Front‘ translated in German. We already had a party like this with an aggressive nationalism once in our country.

Martin Schulz and Adolf HitlerRT • GETTY

Mr Schulz compared the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and anti-EU party National Front to the Nazis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,link

Ps;mein gott,#SPD
1-Steini #Steinmeier(Steinbrüller) beleidigt Demo Bürger
und Kriegstreiber)Steini(Putsch)hetze in Kiew(Maidan lüge)
beleidigt US Präsident,und like #Merkels Schnorrer Flüchtlinge/Vergewaltiger.
2-Gabriel beleidigt Demo Bürger mit Stinkefinger
3-Heiko Maas (Diktatur) sperrt freie Meinung mit Zensur(verfolgung/bestrafung)
4-und nun der Hetzer(ex Alkoholiker) Martin(Adolf) Schulz
propaganda,und hetze gegen Menschen,Bürger,und deren Partei.
mein gott noch,besser wäre 4.9% für #SPD

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