Angela Merkel Bigger Threat To European Democracy Than Islamic State, Says U.S. Professor

“Low level politicians” like Angela Merkel and her “very dangerous” migrant policy are more of a threat to European democracy than Islamic State, an American professor has claimed.

Stanford University professor Francis Fukuyama also said that the working class revolt against globalism lead to the Brexit vote, and will lead to a Donald Trump presidential win the U.S., Die Welt reports.

Speaking to the German newspaper, Dr. Fukuyama said that while the jihadist ideology poses a serious threat, “the greatest threat to the survival of our democracy…lies in ourselves”. When asked to elaborate, he stated that the people have “lost confidence in our own institutions” giving rise to a surge in populism which is a result of what he called a “disturbing lack of leadership in Europe”.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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